Welcome to nDalem Natan Royal Heritage


Jl. Mondorakan No. 5, Kotagede, Yogyakarta

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This mansion is a very beautiful Javanese merchant house located in Kotagede, a historic area where Mataram dynasty and Yogyakarta begun. Built by the richest Jogja merchant during his time at the turn of the previous century, the architecture of the house is a mix of art nouveau and art deco style, implementing traditional Javanese house layout and philosophy as well as using Islamic ornaments.

Severely damaged by earthquake in 2006, the mansion has been carefully restored since 2012, using original materials and old teaks. Now the mansion is fully revived, ready to welcome its visitors.

The beautiful spacious mansion is suitable for gatherings, weddings, office functions, luncheons, and dinners. Entertainments or performances during the events can be arranged. Previously the mansion had been used for weddings of more than 1000 couples.

Our pendopo (front open terrace) and public areas of the house often host art and music performances (traditional and contemporary), book launchings, group discussions and seminars. nDalem Natan has become a notable cultural hub in the south of Yogyakarta.

Our Rooms 


All rooms in nDalem Natan Royal Heritage are elegantly furnished in original antiques or vintage furnitures. The rooms are spacious, with an en-suite bathroom, and each room is unique. The rooms are air-conditioned, fitted with a flat screen cable TV, tea and coffee making facilities, and free wi-fi. Amenities and hot shower are provided in the private bathroom. Guests will be given personalized service in the best Javanese hospitality tradition.


Our Cafe & Natan Art Space

Natan Art Space (NAS) is a place to meet friends, relax and enjoy any kind of arts. You may feast your eyes with paintings by various artists in the gallery or feast your palate with culinary arts by our chef in the cafe. From time to time, NAS holds art exhibitions by notable artists.

The cafe serves delicious Indonesian coffee selections, beverages and selections of Indonesian and European dishes.


Our Galleries

Batik gallery, art, and craft shop is located on the west side of the pendopo. The shop provides indigo/natural dye batik, classic batik, and traditional crafts. Periodically we also open classes for batik and shibori making.


 Art and Craft Workshop

Bertepatan dengan bulan seni dan penyelenggaraan ArtJog X, Natan Art Space kembali mengadakan serangkaian workshop seperti membatik dan membuat jumputan & shibori bersama Yoel Fenin Lambert, Ita Budhi & Sulist Maeswara, membuat keramik bersama Lelyana Kurniawati, melukis kaca bersama Rina Kurniyati, melukis dengan pelukis Soni Irawan & Yustoni Volunteero dan workshop penulisan bersama Dr. Nasir Tamara.


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